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Exothermic weld

Exothermic weld
Exothermic weld
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Product Code : 00
Brand Name : Ardo weld
Product Description
The Ardo Weld electrical connection process is a simple, efficient method of welding copper to copper or copper to steel and no outside source of power is required while using Ardo Weld. Ardo Weld creates a molecular bond using a exothermic reaction. The reaction takes place in a semi-permanent graphite mould (Ardo Mould) that lasts for seventy or more welds if properly cared for. The Ardo Weld reaction takes place in a very few seconds, therefore, the total amount of heat applied to the conductors or surfaces is considerably less than that employed in brazing or soldering. This is an important consideration when welding to insulated cable or thin wall pipe. Ardo Weld is ideal for field use, since it is light and portable and requires no outside power source. Using Ardo Weld requires very little time or skill to obtain an efficient, maintenance free electrical cofnnection. In short, there is nothing better than this is available for joining high current carrying conductors.

Advantages of using ARDO Weld (Exothermic Weld):
  • Assurance of  a  permanent  welding  and  a  low  resistance   connection,   essential  for  ensuring hardwearing and enduring benefits in earthing.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance - resistant to galvanic corrosion, no degradation over time
  • Superior electrical conductivity than that of the conductors themselves
  • Higher mechanical strength than that of the conductors themselves
  • Permanent molecular bond - will not loosen or corrode
  • Capacity to withstand repeated electrical discharges
  • Capacity to withstand repeated faults
  • Welding of different metals possible
  • Visual checking of quality possible
  • Low labour costs
  • Light, portable
  • Worldwide acceptance.
Exothermic weld is recommended by learned engineers and power sector bodies and is made mandatory for joining high current carrying conductors.