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We offer a complete range of Lightning Protection System  for all sectors.   We give a total solution, not just a product. We follow the Armor Ring Protection Theory and supply Escoltrixs Prestigious Product like ESE Terminals, Lightning Counters, Franklin Rods, Over 350 models of SPDs, Maintenance Free Earthing Solutions, Exothermic Welding and various auditing to facilitate the protection.

About Us

Efficient power management, now-a-days is recognized as one of the crucial factors towards ensuring a sustainable growth of the industrial sectors particularly as well as economy generally. This encompasses maintaining and protecting expensive tools and equipment, infrastructure from getting wrongly affected due to external and internal factors. All the industries based in the Indian subcontinent, regarded by the world as the engine for the progressive future growth, energy management efficiency in their facilities and possible risks from external factors like lightning strikes is important for the error free production hours and henceforth achieving sustainable growth especially since ours is a lightning prone geography.

Cultus Tradings has been recognized as an ISO 9001:2008 company, pioneers in rendering effective Energy Management and Risk Mitigation Solutions to its eminent clients. We are also an Exclusive Distributor, for ESCOLTRIX LLC, USA, the leader of Surge and Lightning Protection devices, in Asia-Pacific Region. Also, provides a wide range of Risk Mitigation Solutions in various areas which includes modern and innovative products under Ardo Grounding System, Ripo Shield Surge Protection System and Nexo Lightning Protection System.